the movement of set people to destination to dropping of a tranny at a seaport
"We have a good colonisation here in england"
by Ya boi dunninator March 26, 2018
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Colon Eyes is a sassy way of saying you’re a power bottom.

Like the word colonisation, you’re the first person to sit on a new man, instead of new land.
Stranger: Are you a top or bottom?
Simon: Henny, I Colonise
by TriXie August 16, 2019
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For an English person to hook up with a non-English person; especially when a British man seduces a woman from another part of the British Commonwealth (e.g. Canada, Australia, New Zealand).
"The plan is to colonise some Aussie tourists soon, 'cos I haven't been laid in ages!"
by Cecil Longbottom December 01, 2009
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(Typically) Consensual anal sex between two parties that achieves deep, unprotected penetration with the aim of filling one (or both) party's colon with rich seminal fluid.
Guy 1: Hey, where's that £6.25 you owe me?
Guy 2: I'll get it, I swear.
Guy 1: You better, or you'd best start preparing yourself for colon colonisation.
by TittySmack February 22, 2016
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Someone who tries to homewreck a relationship with knowledge that that relationship exists
“I heard Alice tried to colonise Chad and Stacy’s relationship”
“Alice is such a Coloniser
by Sik_As_Frick_Booi November 22, 2019
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