1) A port-manteau of procrastination and masturbation.
2) The act of masturbating in order to put off doing something else for as long as possible (not always an intentional practice).
First guy: Did you pay the rent?
Second guy: No, I was too busy masturbating.
First guy: You have to stop your procrasturbation, dude!
by Information Pete September 16, 2009
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the act of masturbating when you should really be doing something else.
Mom: "Jimmy, are you done with your project that's due tomorrow?
Jimmy: "Ummm, almost mom."
Mom: "Jimmy quit procrasturbating, you're gonna fail your class and go blind!!"

Procrasturbation is a grade killer
by Tommy Maddox January 24, 2007
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Wanking when you are supposed to be working.
Tim never did his homework and eventually failed chemistry due to his constant procrasturbation when he was supposed to be studying.
by Jurmajesty November 12, 2007
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