Pop rock. The music that is not rock neither pop, but a mixture of both genres.
Is too pop to be rock, but too rock to be pop, it's prock.
by etanercept March 26, 2013
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an insult commonly used by drunk russians with no meaningful purpose. The one using this insult may be displaying how uneducated they are.
1. Go get me a beer you prock.

2. How about you go prock yourself.

3. I've met a million dicks, but until this moment never a prock.
by Thegodchild January 11, 2011
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1. an unbreakable man

2. a person with incredible abilities

3. a god-like person
The prock won 5 gold medals in the olympics
by Anonymous February 17, 2003
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Preppy rock. Prep ass bitches who wear prepped out shit then you got the studded belts and skate shoes. Poser? No. Prock.
God, that girl is a poseur.
No bitch, she's prock.
Nonetheless, still gay.
by Jenni February 20, 2005
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(n.) A testicle viewed through the leg of a man's shorts, such view usually occurring when the man is seated.

(v.) The act of displaying a testicle through the bottom of your shorts.
There were so many men sitting on the lawn, the lawn was dotted with procks.

Richard's shorts were so short that I could see his prock.

John procked me while he was doing his leg lifts.

by Elizabeth Taylor June 09, 2008
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