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A tank-like vehicle made by Geo, with approximatly 100hp. It is an unstopable vehicle that can conquer snowbanks, huge bumps and very muddy hills.. this car is Indestructable.

Often refferred to as Prizmas Maxiums, or Priz-omb, or the Priz-omb I presume.
" Bauer dominated a ford highboy in a mudrunning competition with his 1990 Geo Prizm, it's a tank "
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Short def: a better-looking Toyota Corolla with a ghetto stereo and even ghettoer resale value.

Long def: A great little econobox that was underrated because of its association with lame Geos like the Metro (no relation). Like the Chevy Nova it replaced, the Prizm was a 99% copy of the Corolla, built by the same people at the same plant. Went through three generations (89-92 and 93-97 as a Geo, 98-02 as a Chevy) before being replaced by the Pontiac Vibe.

Drives nice, rides nice, has good power (with 1.8L engine), scores 30 MPG, and might outlive you.
No one knows WTF a Prizm is, so I picked up a used one for $2,000 less than a Corolla. Ignorance is bliss.
by CrunchyCookie July 13, 2008
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