A prison inmate, usually a small/weak one, who is another inmate's bitch. To be their bitch is practically to be their slave, often their sex slave.
Back in jail, I had a prison bitch.

The worst thing about prison? Being a prison bitch.
by CromBomb August 27, 2016
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An anal/oral sex slave for the inmates in prison. Usually happens due to the loneliness in prison and the horny men in prison.
After being arrested for rape, Kelvin became a prison Bitch for Mike and Tyler! Kelvin was a skinny guy, so he had no chance against the bulky cocks greeting his asshole, and he is forced to receive dick. His ass is now torn up and his spincter turned into a red generous rosebud!
by WhoDatFreshBoi March 30, 2017
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when guys in jail don't see any girls in years, they get desparate. They fight with their cellmates, and the winner gets to fuck the other in the ass. Often the bitch has to dress and act like a girl.
Big Bubba made his cellmate his bitch.
by Joe February 12, 2003
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An otherwise heterosexual prisoner force into sexual submission to one or more stronger prisoners. Same a "punk."
The Texcalis on cellblock C made made the new guy their prison bitch.
by BxMuscle January 19, 2004
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A prisoner who is chosen by his fellow inmates to get fucked in the ass.
Jim was the new guy. He casually walked into the cell and plopped down on his bed to take a nap. Brett walked over to Jim when Jim was asleep and pulled down his pants, then he removed Jim's pants. Brett wanked until he was hard and shoved his dick into Jim. Brett thrusted in and out in a hard, fast motion. Jim awoke and moaned. His erection sprang up and he reached for it. Brett flipped Jim onto his stomach so he couldn't wank and fucked him harder. "You're my prison bitch now, you don't get to wank." Brett said. Brett came and so did Jim. They did this every day, until Brett was released.
by Thegaymanisme September 2, 2017
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The submissive and feminine male who receives sex from the inmates.

A male in prison who’s feminine body is used as a fuck doll. Usually, he will be used as currency and claimed among the cell mates.
Cellmate Tyrone: “Yo, check out that white nigga’s ass! He’s got a big booty, and he’s so weak! Easy pray man!”

Cellmate Juan: “He’s my cell mate homes, I’ll hold him down at night and you come over and turn his ass out.”

Cellmate Jayden: “We can all get some of that, he’ll be everyone in Cell block-C’s prison bitch.”

“There’s a new sissy in Cell Block-A, I call his ass.”

“Yo, I get him when you’re done!”

“I’ll Pimp his ass out, he’ll be the new prison bitch.”
by BigBodyTyrone August 25, 2021
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a convict who is used for sex by his/her butch

the "catcher" in gay prison sex; the submissive

sometimes gets pimped out for some smokes, a jug of toilet wine, and a Snickers
"We is cell mates and being cell mates is like being marries. What do you wanna be -- the husband or the wife?"

"The husband ..."

"Then come over here AND SUCK YOUR WIFE'S DICK or I'll stab your ass, prison bitch!"
by Da Nastee One December 6, 2006
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