10 definitions by CromBomb

A cancerous retard. This is used loosely, as it applies to anyone who is both cancerous and extremely stupid.
Augh, that feminazi is such a cancertard..

Why are 12 year olds on COD always such cancertards?
by CromBomb August 17, 2016
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Filthy (or dirty) is a word used to describe modern dubstep that is wild, heavy, and over the top. Most dubstep listeners consider it a compliment to a song, though song prefer more controlled and on the hook songs.
That drop was filthy!

Dude, got any filthy dubstep?
by CromBomb June 22, 2016
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A person who is sexually attracted to certain objects. Which objects they find appealing varies from person to person. The word objectophile comes from the word "objectophilia", which is the name of the fetish. Some have even been known to marry objects, such as the Berlin Wall or the ocean.
That girl who married the ocean is a real objectophile.

Objectophile: that tree is so sexy
by CromBomb June 29, 2016
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A prison inmate, usually a small/weak one, who is another inmate's bitch. To be their bitch is practically to be their slave, often their sex slave.
Back in jail, I had a prison bitch.

The worst thing about prison? Being a prison bitch.
by CromBomb August 26, 2016
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To have sex from the male perspective, meaning a man can "poke" a woman but a woman can't "poke" a man. The word cums from the action of a penis during sex.
He poked her last night

You can have a poke if you'd like
by CromBomb August 03, 2016
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A kind of modern dubstep that's much quieter, less wild, and more controlled. The focus of most Chillstep (as the name implies) is to help you chill out, to relax. Chillstep often incorporates a slow steady flow of relaxing sound, with a less primary beat in the background.
Dude this Chillstep is the shit.

This is way too relaxing to be dubstep, it's Chillstep man!
by CromBomb June 21, 2016
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A small sect of Satanism which believes in God and Satan as living beings/deities. Biblical Satanists believe that God is the villian of the bible and that Satan is the hero. They share some things in common with LaVeyan Satanists such as indulging in sin, having pride in yourself, and thinking freely. You don't have to worship Satan to be a Biblical Satanist, that's your choice.
Have you ever heard of Biblical Satanism?
by CromBomb September 24, 2017
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