A Ghetto-version of a spoiled brat.
Guy#1- "Yo I think u got a parking ticket."

Guy#2- "Can u go and check it?"

Guy#1 - "Go check it yourself u Prinze!"
by Bigz & Biba CO. October 8, 2011
Putting ice cubes (rocks)in a glass of wine.
This wine is warm, get me some prinzings to chill it.
by dannomia December 28, 2006
My head is turning prinz
by Bald headed December 11, 2013
Friedrich Kautz, better known by his stage name Prinz Pi (fromerly known as Prinz Porno), is a German rapper living in Berlin. Prinz Pi is known for his enormous output and his sophisticated lyrics. In his songs he criticizes modern society, mocks the hipocritical attitude of many German rappers trying to be thugs & gangsters and expresses his hatred against the music industry and the brainwashing of the people via modern media. Prinz Pi started his career at the age of 19 with creating the mixtape "Porno Privat" which gained popularity within Berlin's underground scene, especially because of the track "Keine Liebe" (means "no love"). To this day, Prinz Pi has released about 500 tracks on more than 20 mixtapes/albums and is one of the few representatives of intelligent German hip hop. He also invented his own style of rap to which he referred to as dandy rap.
Prinz Pi doesn't try to do ghetto music but rather wants to educate people.

Person1: Yesterday I saw that Prinz Pi dude and he totally rocked the stage!
Person2: Yeah, that's because he's one badass genius.

Person1: I don't really understand Prinz Pi's lyrics.
Person2: That's because you're a dumbass.
by Jerkenheima October 19, 2009
Bryan Prinz is a man who looks best in a tee shirt and jeans. He can make your knees go weak with one smile and its hard to not touch him when he is around. He always treats you kindly but not in a way that makes you feel like he is being fake. He can make you laugh no matter what situation your in. If that won't keep the women flocking to him his mastery in the bedroom will leave you panting for more.
Bryan Prinz in Illinois.
by Hookedonyou July 17, 2011
Jacob Prinz is a cake lover and other than an awesome taste in music, he is funny and likes cats. :)

His hair is like butta.
Did you see Jacob Prinz today? He was looking fiiiiine.
by Gal who likes cats May 7, 2013