Used to be a great place for LQBTQ+ community, but now its just a place where companies will make money out of it

Also has homophobic people begging for a straight pride month
Gay person: its finally pride month"

Companies: "oh i almost forgot here is a rainbow colored hotdog"

Random straight person on the internet: "where is straight pride month"
by Hello_there_reddit June 19, 2019
Pride month is a “holiday” to celebrate the lgbtq+ community and our history and all that we’ve achieved for the past decades a lot of people go to pride parades to celebrate or do something at home
Random gay: it’s finally pride month I can’t wait to go to a pride parade :D

Random straight: where’s the straight month?
by Snake uwu May 4, 2020
The month where you give your LGBTQ+ friends $40 each
Ugly ass straight:ugh it’s pride month here’s $40

Pretty ass gay: thanks bestie😍
by Oldmanjenkinzzzz June 17, 2021
Something that big creator take part in but is ran by shitty Democrats that do this for money. While soldiers get 1 day. But basically it celebrating gay trans bi lesbian and stuff like that but is dumb😶
Tailor: "Do you like or believe in Pride month?"
Elijah: "Its so stupid I dont get it."
by Tailor Lanclos June 17, 2021
Pride month was created to celebrate the lgbtq+ community

They fighted for rights, no not barking around

Some of y’all need to understand stuff
Random asshole: Pride month sucks

Not like you fighted for RIGHTS, Defined shut up
by Ryan or Laura June 28, 2021
The month in which the Queer Community, in all forms, get together to celebrate.
by Doggooo October 15, 2017
A commercialized holiday to celebrate LGBTQ+ themes. Originating out of the Stonewall riots over 40 years ago and popularized nationwide after the Supreme court's ruling on gay marriage in 2015, its now a marketing opportunity for profit hungry corporations and bought into by boring college freshman who are eager to embrace any identity they just discovered because it may make them even slightly interesting.
Stacy: "omg I can't wait for pride month"
Margo: "me to girlie, you know I'll be wearing my rainbow gear because I have no defining personality or hobbies so instead sexual identity shall be my substitute"
by jaybirdlaw June 3, 2019