Like prissy, which means stuck up or spoiled, but pricky people get pissed off more easily. Hard to please, hard to be around. Like a ballon, one prick and it's ruined.
Girl 1: I can't believe how pricky she is!
Girl 3: I know right, no wonder she never talks to anyone but her chauffeur (eye-roll)
by I C Y G I R L February 20, 2020
Someone who is named Ricky, but is also known to be a bit of a prick.
Oh no, this note the audio mixer left is really obnoxious, it must have been Pricky that wrote it!
by MasterNameless October 19, 2010
1. a gay kid with hair and huge eyes
2. prick ass
3. a toliet cleaning utensil
Prickis pinched a loaf and then he cleaned it with a prickis
by Preschool August 10, 2003
The act of sticking your penis in a pumpkin before receiving oral sex as a prank.
She had the best evening imaginable, until she went to his room for a nightcap and tasted pumpkin while blowing him . Then his frat buddies jumped out of the closet with a camera and screamed " youve just got an uncle pricky".
by RThe Wick April 18, 2011
your creepy uncle who insists on sleeping in his van in your driveway even though there's an available bed in the house.
as uncle pricky walks out the door...
- is uncle pricky going home?
- no he's going to bed
by scissor pinch April 18, 2011
When your dick gets hit by a cactus
I was so hungover I fell into a cactus and got a pricky dicky
by ajshark December 28, 2016
A person whoose face looks remarkably like a Prick or cock
Bouncer - I'm sorry sir but I can't let you in because you're wearing trainers and you have a pricky face !
by Mumm-Raa March 19, 2006