A girl who gets into everyone's problems, thinking they are perfect.
This Pricky thot was not helping my problems.
by Mohie February 20, 2016
To be obnoxious, anxious, nd feels upset, distress for someone or somethin'...
Forty- Why'rew so pricky 'bout Will.
Love- I don't know...
by Vab's Andy. May 20, 2020
Homestuck. to be of or like a prick
TA: ed.
TA: 2top beiing a priicky fii2h face.
CA: wwhat no wway sol
CA: im not
CA: wwhatevver that is
CA: pricky

The fact that 'CA' doesn't realize he's even being a prick is also pricky.
by armabeddons January 21, 2012
a noncontagious cutaneous eruption of red pimples with intense itching and tingling caused by inflammation around the sweat ducts.
I get pricky heat whenever I go in the sun.
by Amira2008 June 18, 2021
"Damn, old boy is hammered and about to pull an uncle pricky on the kool aid lady."
"Uncle pricky?"
"You know, hes about to mow a really big lawn"............
by Good Ole Tainty June 6, 2011
to fall and impale oneself on ones own penis
if you run in the dark with morning wood you may give yourself an uncle pricky!
by kiwi smithers April 18, 2011