1. Thinking twice if you want to do something; A lighter form of repression.

2. Being happy, the opposite of depression.
1. When he asked if I wanted to go out with him, I had some pression.

2. My toxic friend died. I'm dealing with major pression right now.

3. I only said hi to her and she told me to stop taking
by bruhthisismyhandle September 4, 2021
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a phenomena occurring when a Brazilian tries to say "pressure".
Easy! You need the pression like thees!
by Bhauk February 8, 2008
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He is a french rapper. Also known as SP he is Mtl's underground king. His style is definished as franco-kick joual cru-rugged. He released 3 albums:514-50 dans mon réseau, réplique aux offusqués ans Sp presents thirteen deep vol.1
Here is a new track by Sp, I hope you'll enjoy it like I do: chargé à bloc

Sp is crazy on starsystème québécois!
by Laurent Hamelin May 5, 2005
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When a man is depressed for the following reasons:

1.)Favorite pet died
2.)Just discovered he's going bald
3.)Fav sports team just lost in the championship game
4.)Denied a raise
5.)Lost all his investments
6.)Girlfriend/wife left him and took the dog
Friend 1: Man, Joe's man-pression is really bad.

Friend 2: Yeah, Daisy left him and took the dog.
by wswrigley September 9, 2010
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When your boy is oppressing your thoughts or ideas.
What's up with the Bro-pression, Bro?
by Travis Beatty March 9, 2008
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one who acts depressed to gain attention to a certain audience on the internet
1. man have you noticed jeff lately, i swear hes E-Pression

2. yeah jeffs E-Pression is reall coming advancing, its really gay, he's just trying to get sympathy from lindsay
by jackmckoo92yo November 23, 2008
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The Sudden and Overwhelming conviction that there is no Caramel core to life, and you'll probably spend your time in quiet confusion.
1: I am in Dip-pression
2: Did you just say Depression or *Dip-Pression*
1: Depression isnt a word you idiot
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