A dependable, smart, and fun person to be around, Presley is always trying to make others around her laugh and see the best in themselves. She is hardworking and determined. She likes people who listen and care about her. She is dependable and loves to believe there is something great about each day. She never stays mad long enough not to laugh at the dumbest joke. She is talented and naturally gives great advice. Presleys reading this, if this is you, then ask yourself: Do you play the French horn? It is da best instrument!
by T. Sparkle Glitter September 13, 2018
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Who is to far in denial to see that someone is hopelessly in love with you even when everybody else can see it
Omg Presley is being such a Presley
by Wonderbreadcow November 24, 2018
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When one gets on all fours and is spanked with a ruler.
Damn after that Presley, that dudes ass is gonna be red for weeks!
by StabbedinthefastLane April 12, 2007
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Presley is the cutest girl In the world if you find her you should never leave her she has a big ass and Is very nice she has beautiful hair and has the best boyfriend ever
Teacher:Omg is that Presley
by Follow my insta @brodyy_berret September 02, 2019
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She is Probably one of the Most Funniest Girl/Boy In the Entire world, She is Smart and Very Talented I’m Funny Ways. She is Very Protective over Her Siblings/Friends/Cousins/Best Friends Who knows!
Presley Climbed up The Tree.

Presley is Very Artistic.
by Pressly November 22, 2019
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A person that has a secret small journal under there bed that has all there secrets and others in one and the journal is there exs journal that they were suppose to give to them for there birthday but didnt cause they broke up before that. THEY HAVE SEXY AF HAIR LIKE DAMN, and presley is a dude name too lolol
a presley has a journal under its bed
by britainhottie August 05, 2015
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