A presley is someone that is really pretty But doesn’t admit it. Although her friends think she’s not. She has a boyfriend at all times. She has medium length blonde hair. She is SUPER SUPER thiccc. All of her cousins’ friends are in love with her. Her boyfriend never talks to her in public. They FaceTime 24/7. If she likes someone, she will tell them. She is very very brave.
“Dude your girlfriend is such a Presley”

I know right. But she’s mine so back off bitch
by Presley’s Boyfriend February 08, 2019
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Presley is the best girlfriend you could ever wish for. She is smart. She is everything to you. Never give her up. She is the best thing you could ever wish for. She treats you right and she always knows what’s best for you
“Presley is such a perfect girl.”
by Mmmkay10 September 06, 2020
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she’s pretty, but she act like a bitch and that’s on my momma . presley is very spoiled . she cold hearted but let’s a lot of things get to her. she gets all the white boys and she gets very very close with your cousin lmao .
by the.realbitch.com July 11, 2019
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she TRYS to be popular but in reality no one likes her. she thinks she is the best and she can not live without a boyfriend. she is always fighting with someone and always thinks she is right abt everything. so also will try to split friendships up because she wants to be close with the other. overall she ain’t trust worthy and not a good friend
by therealthing_123 April 24, 2020
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She is the ugliest girl ever she talks shit like no other she'll stab you In the back and she is one to break girl code
by And I pop save the turtles September 10, 2019
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