Presley is the prettiest girl alive! She is awesome, beautiful, caring, loving, and just the best person ever! She is so funny! She will make you laugh so hard you cry! If you have a Presley in your life keep her forever! Love her with all your heart! She deserves it! She is very underestimated! She might be little but she is the toughest and strongest person alive! If your daughters name is Presley good luck with the boys! So if you have a Presley in your life keep her forever and love her!
Presley is the prettiest and toughest girl alive! Keep her forever!
by Bailey7/10 October 19, 2019
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A beautiful girl who can dance,sing,cheer, and most of all knows how to be a good friend. A girl who knows how to make you laugh and smile and cry all at the same time. She is beautiful inside and out. You will have lots of inside jokes like starfish, perfect fit, cushions in mama's room, and hobos at a party in LA!!
GIRL 1: OMG you are such a presley!!!
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by WEATEATER December 20, 2017
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Presley is a girl who is very kind but abusive with love to her friends lolol she has a big ass ofc. she cries a lot when she’s alone she has a lot of shit going on with her. she mostly thinks everyone hates her but everyone loves her. she trusts people to easily. she always puts others first. mostly with brown or blonde hair with green or blue eyes.
damn she’s thiccc

she has to be a presley
by stevenuniversefan October 15, 2019
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the definition of Presley is perfect. if you meet presley you will think she is the biggest blessing in your life. presley will sometimes make you feel self conscious but that’s okay you’ll get over it. presley is the funniest person in the entire world. all the boys love presley. if you have a presley you are a lucky person.
boy 1: damn have you seen presley today ?
boy 2: hell ya she’s fucking beautiful!

boy 1: i wanna wife her up right now

boy 2: to late already did ;)
by thotie mchottie April 05, 2019
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A very beautiful girl, with green magesdick eyes. All the boys are all absolutely head over heels for Presley. Her ass is so round and voluminous, and don't even get me started on her TATASSSSS!!! P.S this is Matthew M and Eric R
Wow that girl is very hot! she must be a presley
by Lucas1234 May 02, 2015
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most awesome guy in the world . if you see him never stop dating him.he loves to do and try new things like lots of people. he will do everything you tell him to because he loves you
presley is super cool.
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by CallieAndMarie October 30, 2018
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A large fat line of drugs to be snorted. Named after the King himself, for his legendary tolerance. A Presley is not recommended to anyone without the proper tolerance as overdose is possible.
hey buddy, cut me and Daddy a Presley. These are really rowdy PK. get a line. Don't hurt yourself.
by Yikestime August 07, 2011
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