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To masterbate before hand of actual sexual intercourse to not be as sexually aroused which means lasting longer. Usually done at home or in the car waiting for her to finish getting ready.
Bro 1: Man Ashley wants to pipe but i don't want to disappoint & bust under 3 mins
Bro 2: Bro just Prenut!
by Edzilla3 January 02, 2017
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Much like a prenup but exclusively for sexual relationships in which the female won’t seek financial assistance should a pregnancy result during the sexual activities.
Jamel has to pay child support for four kids, dude should have got a prenut.
by Kvossera April 20, 2018
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When you think you're going to shoot a massive cum blast during masturbation or sex, but end up having a very weak and unsatisfying orgasm. This event typically ends with the pre nutter's penis emitting a weak semen stream as they lose their erection.
Leonardo: Hey man, yesterday I was really getting into beating my meat, but I pre nutted and ruined it.

Tom: That sucks bro.
by Judge105 May 23, 2016
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