The best guy you will ever meet. Simple as that. He also has a big dick. wink wink nudge nudge
Woah that guy is a total athos
by MAdLad01 October 23, 2019
Athos in the Old Greek origin, means Other name for Zeus who is the ruler of heaven. But the Athos i know is the ruler of everyones heart. Athos is a different breed of men. Although very sensitive he doesn’t let his emotions conquer his decisions as he is very logical, as a matter of facts he is one the sharpest minds out there. Additionally his confidence usually intimates people hence he usually comes off as arrogant but beneath that layer is a very kind sweet boy. If he cares about you he will do anything in his power to protect you and make sure you are happy. Moreover, his humour and sarcasm do not go unnoticed as these are the elements that make you attached to him. The ladies truly cannot get over him, his energy is magnetic and soooo attractive. Everyone needs Athos in their life
I wish i was his girlfriend

Ye Athos is the best
by Pavlod August 24, 2022
O look he is a Athos
by 03w-erweopgfd March 31, 2020
A sensitive, caring, loving, sex god who not only has experience under the covers but also makes for a wonderful play thing out in public
by Creepyspider July 11, 2014
A peninsula in northern Greece which is of major significance in Eastern Orthodoxy. Women are legally not allowed to enter the peninsula because of the religious rules.

Mount Athos is also known by it's other name, Based HQ
Incel: "Man I'm just so sick of women!"
Other Incel: "Well, Mount Athos is the place for you!"
by JD_NZ September 29, 2021