A fish that can’t play fortnite and has a brain the size of a Cheeto dust.
Oh have you done the prana classic, it’s so good.

I saw prana swimming with his fish family earlier.
by Ahaha1234 July 10, 2020
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A fish that can’t play fortnite and has brain the size of his dick, small.
“Oh, have you tried the prana classic, it’s so good.

“Bro I saw prana swimming with his fish family earlier”
by Ahaha1234 July 10, 2020
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Pranas is a funny, strong and sportive person. He is extremely beautiful and is really romantic
by Pranjukas March 26, 2018
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At a very young age became interested in yoga, psychic phenomena, mysticism, Chinese ki kung and other esoteric studies. During his development as GrandMaster he received a degree in engineering and became a successful businessman. He has spent more than eighteen years researching and studying esoteric sciences that have resulted in the Pranic Healing System teachings. Along with committed participants he spent several years experimenting to determine the effectiveness and the mechanism of the healing techniques commonly known and used by healers and students of esoteric sciences. He can often be heard saying in answer to a question about a technique or modality "Let 's experiment". In every course he teaches there is always experiential segments to ensure that the students are clear about the technique and demonstrates experiments along with many anecdotal stories. He is not a clairvoyant nor was he born with any healing ability, but he is very open minded and has read extensively the old master 's teachings.

He has taught thousands worldwide how to effectively heal themselves and others. The courses he has designed are extremely simple and yet very very effective. Because of this simplicity Pranic Healing can be utilized by students as solely a healing modality or can be a way of life. Many of his students continue into advanced courses as they realize that his techniques are accessible, easily understood and extremely powerful and have affected tremendous positive changes in their lives.

GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui has promoted the learning of Pranic Healing by lecturing and passing along these techniques to students worldwide. Over the past several years he has written Miracles through Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing, Pranic Crystal Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, and most recently Pranic Psychic Self Defense. He spends the majority of his time traveling and teaching all over the world. Two times a year he visits the West Coast to hold classes and during one of those visits he offers a course called "Soul Realization" which is available to the general public.
my prana is glowing and i am at peace with myself and the world around me.
by grandmaster prana kok sui March 25, 2006
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Pranas is sometimes a god at fortnite but sucks at the same time. Pranas is sometimes a nice person and sometimes not a very nice person.
Kai: What's 9+10?
Pranas: 19 dumbass
by TooExport March 26, 2018
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This is a movement that Prana does in Fortnite.
To do Prana Movement you have to crouch and keep switching through ur Shotgun, Assault rifle or SMG and usually miss you shots and sometimes you eliminate your opponent by 200 pumping them by luck
Why does he use the prana movement?

The prana movement is so OP!
by Smart𝔻𝕒𝕣𝕜 July 11, 2020
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