When one pulls a stunt that shows he has outdone others and retains complete control of the situation, and dares anyone to challenge this.
I made eye contact with my father in law as I picked up the tab for entire famlty at dinner.--Powermove
by Rich Winn1 November 11, 2010
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An action that asserts dominance over someone or reverts a perceived power dynamic without causing any real harm
Teacher: can you turn off the lights for the projector?
Student: I don’t know, can I?
(That would be a powermove)
by Skatershoes July 13, 2019
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An outstanding move that can be risky but results in a great reward.
Quinn: Yo Mitch did you hear about Marshall’s powermove at the bar last night?

Mitch: Yeah that was pre sweet. Risk definitely rewarded!
by Quanpabs May 15, 2019
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A social action usually performed in an attempt to seduce women. The act of giving a girl less attention in an effort to make her more attracted.
"This girl just snap-chatted me!"- Ishwir
"Don't open it for at least 25 minutes, and then leave her on read, that's a powermove."- Ravi

"Yo man there's that girl I've been wheeling by my locker, what should I say to her?" - Eric
"Bro pull a powermove. Walk by with 2 other girls and don't even look at her. That'll make her so jealous" - Joven
by Just SendIt October 12, 2017
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When you say no to someone who asks you for candy and eat it right in front of them.
Man: No, you can't have this candy
Man 2: Bruh, you gonna say that then eat it in front of me? That's like the urban dictionary definition of a powermove.
by Batameez Dil February 9, 2020
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Me: should I text them?
Me: *doesn’t text them*
Them: why didn’t you text me?
Me: bc powermoves
by Bitchassqueen February 27, 2020
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n. an aggressive driving maneuver designed to gain an advantage in traffic, often enraging the other drivers.
The most classic of all powermoves is turning left at a traffic light, as soon as the light turns green, just before oncoming traffic has a chance to begin moving.
by Lutron Deluxe April 25, 2006
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