A social action usually performed in an attempt to seduce women. The act of giving a girl less attention in an effort to make her more attracted.
"This girl just snap-chatted me!"- Ishwir
"Don't open it for at least 25 minutes, and then leave her on read, that's a powermove."- Ravi

"Yo man there's that girl I've been wheeling by my locker, what should I say to her?" - Eric
"Bro pull a powermove. Walk by with 2 other girls and don't even look at her. That'll make her so jealous" - Joven
by Just SendIt October 11, 2017
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getting the best of something, like a loophole!
Ash: did you hear about that guy who outmaneuvered the bank?
Richard: Yeah, it was a total powermove
by ashtonsuckspp December 22, 2019
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Not wearing a bra under a low cut top at the office

Wilhelmina: Oh... Power Move!
by jfkjunior October 09, 2012
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An action meant to greatly and purposefully inconvenience oneself for the sake of demonstrating self worth by toughing through it.
β€œTaking down your own battleship is one hell of a power move.”
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by 91000volts March 16, 2018
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A really big poop that seems to take forever.
"You've been in the bathroom for an hour!"
"Leave me alone, I'm making a power move!"
by Marc_IRL October 23, 2013
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When a girl asks a guy out instead of the other way around. Can be very disconcerting.
Whoa, she totally puled a power move on me last night.
by Matt I April 24, 2005
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When you get a girl in an awesomely epic way.
Joe couldn't get Jenny to leave with him after talking with her for awhile, but then John simply walked up, put his arm around her, and walked away with her. Power move!
by I<3badbitchezdatsmyf*inproblem September 07, 2013
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