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The act of masturbating furiosly in attempt to gain fast orgasming action
"and so Wilitus Powerbate till the end of the world"
by Wilitus March 03, 2005
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The act of ferociously masturbating to P90x and/or shake weight infomercials. Active participants are usually, but not always, sociopaths that drive G35s – they also generally have no issue flexing in the mirror during intense post-powerbating coitus, a la Patrick Bateman in “American Psycho.” Using one’s junk to actually lift reasonably sized weights is also an option for accomplished powerbaters, but is not recommended unless you’ve completed the 9-week Jedi powerbating training course.
Jim, I’m totally down to meet up at the volleyball game, I just need to send the wife out on an errand so I can powerbate real quick. After all, it is bikini season.
by powerbater September 20, 2010
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To masturbate furiously.
"Damn that girl gave me a major hard on, now I have to go home and powerbate."
by CarbonCopy March 02, 2005
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