Powerbll will rig the game, postponing the drawing claiming that there are "technical difficulties"
Powerball: Sorry, we have to delay the drawing because we need to rig- I mean, to fix the technical difficulties.

by dbs3272globeabb November 8, 2022
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Its America's Game!!! The one and only POWERBALL!! (Sung by Blind man Ray Charles)
I got ripped off. I paid $20 on my Powerball ticket and some already rich guy in Ohio won. Fuck.
by Deez Nutz December 28, 2004
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Overrated lottery game found in Pennsylvania and other states.
I lost my damn Powerball ticket.
by neurodistortion July 31, 2006
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POWERball is a type of fuseball game. Much more exciting than the traditional game. It's the same concept, with a twist of high energy when powerball goes into play.
To begin the game, one ball must sit ontop of the table, preferably on the score peg cylinder thing. Once the POWERball is set, game can start. Anytime the POWERball is not set, game must stop until ball is reset. That is called default by POWERball. To start the game, ball is served through a hole at the side of the table, The initial serving side is decided with by coin toss. Players attempt to use figures mounted on rotating bars to kick the ball into the opposing goal. But if that POWERball rolls off the table into the game, you must call "POWERball"! the game now goes into POWER mode. The object is now to destroy not one but two balls as quick as possible. Expert POWERball players have been known to move balls at speeds up to 56 kmh (35 mph) in recent history.
I was about to make a goal, until my opponent shouted "POWERball"!
by Jayare a.k.a. goo1z December 11, 2008
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Term used while getting head. Means powerthrusting and having ballsack smash on the giving persons chin.
I just powerballed Amy real good!
by LYNCHman June 4, 2012
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Often, people who play the powerball lottery have a sudden rush of blood to the head and proceed to check their lottery tickets several times before either slumping dejectedly to the floor or leaping up and down uncontrollably screaming "I got the powerball, I got the owerball!".
Unfortunately that leaping up and down often causes the sphincter muscle to relax, thereby allowing whatever lurks inside to leave suddenly only to be caught in whatever clothing the person is wearing in that area.
That is known as a powerball squidger.
Alan Turnip, of Yoder, is our own local Powerball winner. Alan will be with us in a little while after he's dealt with his powerball squidger.
by notalottogiotto February 5, 2010
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