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When you are a loser virgin and can't get any vag, When you don't go out because you would rather sit in your bed and watch t.v., when you go home early (without anyone) because you're too drunk to do anything that adds to the table, When you go to red lobster and get lobster with extra butter but you wake up and you were actually just laying on your bed naked. When you take a girl all the way to her house and she doesn't let you have sex in her, when you try talking to someone but you realize they are just nodding and laughing at you because they hate you, or you play golf.
Dad: Hey wanna go out tonight and grab a few beers?

Brotein: Woah, a few beers? I only need one.

Dad: Oh yeah I forgot that you pound salt.

Tommy: Hey I woke up naked on my bed this morning with no girl...

Ricky Martin: Hah, yeah check this picture out of your lobster balls... You pound salt, wanna get a burrito?

Kevin: Hey Box, wanna put it in the air?

Jesse: Nah, I am a bitch

Kevin: Salty McSalt Pounder with a side of pounding salt

Jesse: Giggity
by StayatHomeDad November 29, 2010
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