1. fuck off
2. piss off (chiefly British)
3. git! (chiefly Southern)
4. take a hike
5. get lost
6. go fly a kite
7. go away
8. leave me alone
9. mind your own business
10. poof be gone
11. slither back into the dark slimy pit from whence you come
Telemarketer: May I interest you in ...
You: Go pound sand.

Collection agency drone: Our records indicate that you owe XXX. Should we expect a check or a money order from you?
You: Go pound sand.

Boy: I'll change. I really will. Please baby I promise.
Girl: Go pound sand.

Late person: Hey that seat's mine.
Punctual person: Well you're late. And this isn't assigned seating.
Late person: But I always sit there! <Pouts.>
Punctual person: Go pound sand.
by baconmonster January 14, 2013
to mine your own bizzness stay out of a convsation!
why don't you go pound sand!!!!!!!!!
by 40oz.killa November 7, 2006
Extended, modified version of the traditional expression "go pound sand", use this version when you really want that special someone to fuck off.
Dave: Dude, you owe my 5$!

Kyle: Dave, I don't have your money, go pound sand up the eye of your cock.
by Leeroy Jenkems 420 November 3, 2009