Often confused with 'go pound sand' but more refined and less vulgar. To pound sand infers 'up an orifice' but to pound salt has more to do with a useless activity.
When the religious nut came to visit my house, I told him to go pound salt.
by berttwo July 24, 2008
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An inferior definition of the phrase "go pound sand" preferred by townie steakheads on the East Coast.
After trying and failing to get a spot at the Comedy Studio, Mr. McClown had no choice but to go pound salt.
by Tom Dustin May 06, 2005
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Originated in the salt mine making crystals from rock form. Midwestern homos sometimes use "go pound sand" for this phrase but they are wrong.
Person:"Hey, Do you need any help taking those off"?
Other person: "Nah, why don't you just go pound salt!"
by Wonder woman June 24, 2004
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