Origin (from Go Lb. Salt - golbsalt.com)

The phrase "go pound salt" orginated in the early days of commercial salt mine operations in the US. There were a number of specific jobs performed by people who worked in the mine. The lowest paying and most menial job was pounding large rocks into smaller crystals that could be used for cooking and curing of meats. This job was usually given to those deemed less intelligent (the village idiot, if you will) or those who could find no other gainful employment.

The phrase became a popular way of telling someone to "go fly a kite", do something meaningless or menial, or that they were an idiot and needed to go preoccupy themselves with something mundane like crushing rock salt into crystals.

Variation on the Theme

In other parts of the country where salt mines were not common, a variation on the theme came into existence. "Go pound sand" was adopted/ adapted to convey the same meaning and was a shortened form of the phrase "go pound sand down a rat hole." Anyone with a modicum of intelligence and common sense knew that pounding sand down a rat hole was a waste of time, an idiotic waste of time. The rat would quickly dig his way back out and the filled in hole would reappear.

Contrary to popular belief, both of these phrases; "go pound salt" and "go pound sand" are not vulgar. If you find a discussion that implies a vulgar or off color connotation, this likely results from the twisted world we live in!
by Instant Karma0 January 19, 2012
A kind way of telling someone that they should get lost, go away, or simply to go fuck themselves.
by Bow Tie January 30, 2011
Another way of saying 'get lost', 'go away' and generally 'don't bother me'. Obviously, it is similar to pound sand, but if it is a corruption of that term, or something else entirely, maybe somebody else knows. I'm not sure why anyone would pound salt down a rat hole, but maybe it is something that was done at one time. Perhaps it refers to crushing large pieces of salt into finer crystals, or weighing salt into smaller increments; both of which would be dull menial work. Maybe it refers to walking on salt, similar to 'hit the bricks' or 'kick mud', since salt is often spread on the ground as a de-icer in winter and is also common in desert and seashore areas.
When I brought the broken chair in for warranty replacement, the manager basically told me to pound salt, it wasn't a warranty problem.
by M. Collins March 24, 2005
Pound salt jerk off masterbate till you cum. Pound is the action; that cause's ejaculation. Salt refers to the semen; (tastes like egg whites mixed with saltwater).

Pound Salt down a rat hole;means go screw someone in the ass till you ejaculate.
I asked the boss for a raise he told me to go Pound Salt. The second time I asked; he told me to go Pound Salt down Rat hole.

by beckband August 9, 2007
When you are a loser virgin and can't get any vag, When you don't go out because you would rather sit in your bed and watch t.v., when you go home early (without anyone) because you're too drunk to do anything that adds to the table, When you go to red lobster and get lobster with extra butter but you wake up and you were actually just laying on your bed naked. When you take a girl all the way to her house and she doesn't let you have sex in her, when you try talking to someone but you realize they are just nodding and laughing at you because they hate you, or you play golf.
Dad: Hey wanna go out tonight and grab a few beers?

Brotein: Woah, a few beers? I only need one.

Dad: Oh yeah I forgot that you pound salt.

Tommy: Hey I woke up naked on my bed this morning with no girl...

Ricky Martin: Hah, yeah check this picture out of your lobster balls... You pound salt, wanna get a burrito?

Kevin: Hey Box, wanna put it in the air?

Jesse: Nah, I am a bitch

Kevin: Salty McSalt Pounder with a side of pounding salt

Jesse: Giggity
by StayatHomeDad November 30, 2010
Often confused with 'go pound sand' but more refined and less vulgar. To pound sand infers 'up an orifice' but to pound salt has more to do with a useless activity.
When the religious nut came to visit my house, I told him to go pound salt.
by berttwo July 25, 2008
An inferior definition of the phrase "go pound sand" preferred by townie steakheads on the East Coast.
After trying and failing to get a spot at the Comedy Studio, Mr. McClown had no choice but to go pound salt.
by Tom Dustin May 6, 2005