A kind way of telling someone to fuck off, through insertion of sand into their anus, and pushing it down through the use of a stick, road cone, or broken broom handle.
guy 1- man this dude at the bar was being a total douch nozzle.

guy 2- so what did you do?

guy 1- I just told him to pound sand in your ass.

guy 2- hmmm.
by vansdirty hand July 9, 2010
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A common expression in the Army during the 70's & 80's.
A phrase used by equals to tell each other off, used by superiors to shut up subordinates.
A method of dismissing a stupid person.
The only possible use when you find yourself with a stick,
a funnel, some lube and a bag of sand.
A polite way to say fuck off.
Worker: "Hey boss, why don't we shut this job done and call
it a day, I'm tired."
Boss: " How can you be tired? You haven't done a damn thing all day. Maybe you should stay home tomorrow and pound sand up your ass!"
by jsd9632 January 7, 2012
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Extended, modified version of the traditional expression "go pound sand", use this version when you really want that special someone to fuck off.
Dave: Dude, you owe my 5$!

Kyle: Dave, I don't have your money, go pound sand up the eye of your cock.
by Leeroy Jenkems 420 November 3, 2009
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when your cat eats forty two pounds of sand
dude he just ate forty two pounds of sand and died 😭😭😭
by flushed emoji 😳 June 10, 2022
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