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To explain to someone just how wrong they actually were about something they have just said realated to Harry Potter.
Actually being around a dementor sucks all the happiness out of you. The only way a dementor can take your soul is if they kiss you. You can't have your soul taken just by being around them. Dumbass, you just got Pottered!!
by Brofessor_Oak July 14, 2011
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To be intoxicated to the point of injuring yourself.
Did you see all the stitches he had this morning?

Yea, he was fuckin pottered last night.
by Rev. Jesus February 03, 2010
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To be "pottered" means to have been duped, lied to, deceived or simply douched by another person. Another definition of the word might pertain to the idea that if one is to do something that makes absolutely no sense at all, like for example putting a customer into a rental car when all they needed was their windshield wiper fluid filled up, then you would have been "pottered."
Ryan (rental car agent): "Hello sir, I'd be happy to put you into that vehicle, what are they doing to your car today?"

Customer: "Oh I just don't like the color, so I'll drive your car for one hour while they just stare at my car for awhile."

Brooke (rental car agent): "Hey Ryan, looks to me like you just got pottered!"
by miker94 January 04, 2011
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To be drummed out of an institution for challenging cherished pieties.
Did you hear about what happened to the editor of The Walrus? Dude got totally pottered.
by Dictionnaire Diabolique May 15, 2017
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When your roommate and friend who handles the utility money, rent, and security deposit steals it and uses it for their own and then you get evicted and they don't pay you back.
You move in with you friend who supposedly owns a house. You pay a security deposit up front to him and then a year later when you get evicted because your friend who supposedly owned the home hasn't been paying any of the bills you were giving him rent and utility money for every month you also find out he was stole your security deposit then you just got Pottered.
by GoldMitus June 24, 2010
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