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The word "cuh" is a derivative of the word "friend." The word first originated as the word "friend," then over the years it became "brother." It then became "bro," then "cousin." Soon after, the word became "cuz," then inevitably became "cuh." It's almost as if the entire word spoken in full became too much for some people to say, so laziness took over and the word was shortened. I suppose the next phase will be simply, "c." Another version of the word may as well be "unc" which is short for "uncle."
"Yo cuh, my Moms is havin' a bbq, wanna come ova?"
by Miker94 November 04, 2009
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This is slang for, "The particular incident that just occured was..." This is often used to describe an unusually bizarre situation that is likely untrue.
Caden (rental car employee): "So what happened sir?"

Dontae: "The car was jacked from my crib cuh."

Caden: "How did this happen sir?"

Dontae: "Well, wha had happen was dis dude just got all swolled up and had snatched dat piece."
by Miker94 October 28, 2009
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jutting jaw syndrome is a condition when a guy has an abnormally protruded jaw as if on purpose to show his control over a girl. it is a sign of complete toolness and a fake sense of masculinity.
Cameron says, "wow, look at that guy's jawline!" Mike replies, "yeah, he has a bad case of jutting jaw syndrome."
by Miker94 October 24, 2009
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the act of making a reservation, whether it be for a hotel, rental car or any other item that can be reserved.
"Yo cuh, I needs to reservate dat car for my sistah Tanquesha."
by Miker94 October 24, 2009
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The Miker phase is a theory that each and every female on the planet is in love, has been in love or will be in love with a "Mike" at some point in their life.
Hey, see Cheryl over there? She wants me, she's in the Miker phase big time!
by Miker94 August 29, 2009
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Any time a person is wronged unexpectedly they are said to have been given a "dusti russell." Basically anything that happens to a person that is considered negative, mean, sneaky, wrong, painful, harmful, callous, dangerous, evil, disgusting, nasty or unpleasant and that occurs when you least expect it, that is when you received a "dusti russell."
Caden says to Cameron, "Man, I was in the zone and totally thought I had the sale, until that lady slipped me the dusti russell."

Earle was just realizing that he had some pain when he urinated. So he asked Mike for some advise and Mike said, "it sounds to me like someone gave you a dusti russell!"
by Miker94 January 03, 2010
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when a car is said to "drive like suck," it means that there is some sort of mechanical issue with the vehicle preventing the overall comfort of the ride.
"Yo dog, this car drive like suck!" Well sir, what exactly is wrong with it? "It drive like suck!" Well sir, I can't exactly tell the mechanic at the shop that it simply drive like suck. "Well, I don't like it...it drive like suck!"
by Miker94 October 24, 2009
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