The coolest and most talented character on the 1970's sit-com Happy Days- played by Anson Williams. The characters full name was potsie Weber.
Richie!, It's Potsie!
by Malcolm X-crement December 28, 2004
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a potsie is a person who acts foolishly in a comical manner, but funny in that you're laughing at him, not with him. a potsie is usually rather dorky, yet likeable.
i was such a potsie to lust after augie while in the hospital in 2005.
by lizzie-poo June 17, 2007
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Someone who can't hold their liquor and often fucks sleezy, nasty guys. Often including drunk, glassed over eyes, and giant tits.
Potsie got drunk last night and fucked Ron again. Oh yeah, I heard she hooked up with Tom too.
by A-Roddd March 10, 2008
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Another term for <sweater vest>; on the tv show Happy Days the character Potsie always wore a sweater vest, even while on the beach watching Fonzie jump over the shark; hence the association.
I know we are business casual, but do you think I can rock a potsie or two, maybe just on Fridays??
by Mike D,the Ladies Choice August 22, 2008
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A clean living, gee-whiz feller.
Say, that Bill is quite a Potsy, he wouldn't even smell my finger
by Tim March 18, 2005
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When you put your finger up your butt and then fart on your finger
Uncle Dave was doing a Potsie while waiting for the bathroom.
by Mr Buttsponge February 13, 2022
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Slang for especially feeling the effects of POTS, or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. It basically means dizzy.
Person 1: "Are you gonna be ard walking there?"
Person with POTS: "I don't know... I'm feeling kinda potsy today."
by zebra_b1tch September 23, 2018
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