Potsy is a variation of Hopscotch. The way it was played in New York in the 1950s was on a chalked grid of alternating one an two squares. The grid has only 8 squares compared to Hopscotch's 10 or 12, rendering the game a little easier. Any small object can be the marker, a rock, flattened tin can or nearly anything else small enough and heavy enough to toss-- is thrown onto the grid and must land in each square in sequence. The term Potsy refers to the throwing item as well as the game itself. The player jumps from one to two feet up to the grid skipping the square holding the potsy. She then jumps to turn around and jumps back the same way. Missing your throw, losing your balance or stepping on a line causes the player to lose a turn. A potsy landing on a line is considered "out". The player goes until a turn is lost. First one to finish the grid wins.
The girls didn't have enough chalk to draw the entire Hopscotch grid so they agreed to play Potsy instead.
by DannyJane January 26, 2015
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An old and less used term for the game Hopscotch.
Almost nobody uses the term potsy anymore, now it's called hopscotch.
by Jon Ace June 7, 2007
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A person with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), a type of autonomic nervous system disorder that affects multiple body systems, most importantly heart rate. One of the most common symptoms is fainting or coming close to fainting. It's a type of Dysautonomia.
My best friend is a fellow POTSie, so she understands what it's like to faint upon standing.
by amynluv June 2, 2018
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In the game of hopscotch, a player employs an object to throw into each successive chalked box he/she is trying to pass through. (Some schoolyards had painted hopscotch lines, a real challenge for smaller, younger players.) That object, his/her token, is a player's potsy. In some games potsies required the approval of all players as some potsies were perceived to give a player an unfair advantages.
Player 1: I'll use my wallet as a potsy.

Player 2: Too flat and heavy. It's too much of a sure thing. Pick something else.
by Gandalf1936 March 25, 2011
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A usually harmless, well-meaning fool or idiot who bumbles through life unaware of how embarassingly ridiculous he or she is.
1)He was such a potsie at the meeting.2)We would have succeeded if the department wasn't managed by a bunch of feckless potsies.3)How can someone so intelligent and beautiful fall for such a potsie? 4)I'm sorry I am late, but I was stuck behind a potsie on the way in.

by August Valenti January 10, 2007
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It is the New York term for Hopscotch. It still is in use, certainly by those of a certain age who no longer play the game.
Who has the chalk for the potsy game?
by Egors February 24, 2010
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A game played by kids in New York City, having some resemblance to Hop Scotch. Often played on a concrete driveway or sidewalk using the squares formed by control joints or "cracks" as "boxes". Also, the marker itself used in Potsie
"Me and Vinney played potsie yesterday."

"Hey, we can use my driveway for a game of Potsy"
by BurtD September 6, 2008
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