20 definitions by Jon Ace

Showing abilities that were you were not expected to have.

Based off the previously unexpected and unknown ability of NBA player Jeremy Lin.

Can also be used in the phrase "be Lin".
Person A does the unexpected.

Person B to Person A: "You're being Lin!"
by Jon Ace February 16, 2012
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A person or event that ruins a good time. When something "bursts your bubble".

Synonym for killjoy.
"Sick_Heret1c", you're such a joykill.

The thunderstorm that started up while we were at the beach was a joykill.
by Jon Ace May 20, 2006
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What you call your ass after a bowel movement in which–after multiple wipes–you're still not clean.

The opposite of a "no wiper".
I was in the bathroom this morning 15 minutes longer than usual because I was out of wet wipes and had marker butt.
by Jon Ace April 12, 2015
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The act of walking slowly, as if you were in a mall.
I hate it when I'm in a rush and these people got their mall walk on.
by Jon Ace January 16, 2006
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A variation to the sex position, missionary.

The giver is on the bottom, the receiver is on top.
Inverted missionary is a good position for a girl's first time on top.
by Jon Ace September 23, 2006
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An acronym that stands for "Defecate In Her Vagina". (See: Alabama Hotpocket)
Guy 1: I need something to do to spice up my sex life with my girl...

Guy 2: DIHV!
by Jon Ace March 21, 2007
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In the gaming world, a velvet rope policy is when an end-user pays money to gain an unfair advantage over others who don't pay to play.
Pay $5 a month to get turns at a faster rate? No thanks. Fucking velvet rope policy...
by Jon Ace November 16, 2008
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