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Porn Site Transmitted Disease-- computer virus acquired through contact with multiple porn websites.
Damn, I was watching this hot girl on girl scene on the web, and the next thing I know, I've got a PSTD!
by Tabgirl November 10, 2008
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The Self Realization and exploration of the acronym if that is the correct word, nevertheless you Overstand. >"PSTD" stands for "Pussy,Stressed, Tired&Depressed" .
"Today's and yesterday's African American Women suffer from PSTD , Pussy,Stressed,Tired&Depressed.
by Ancient Wetness December 30, 2016
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A serious mental/emotional condition suffered by people who have suffered through an intercourse-related infection.
AFDC is available for unwed mothers, yet if a girl "does it" and never actually becomes pregnant but gets a venereal disease, good luck on finding state/government help with the burden/treatment of PSTD --- now, how much sense does THAT make???
by QuacksO June 17, 2018
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