A big lie. From the english rhyming slang 'porky pies', which rhymes with lies.
Axel: Did you hear that I was elected pope?
Jeeves: Thats a porky. Stop telling porkies.
by anonymous hippopotomous July 14, 2006
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A derogatory nickname applied to an overweight person
''oi! porky get ya ass over ere!''
by sweet jesus June 12, 2006
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A asshole who goes to Giygas, and then goes to betray your happiness but you love him so much anyways
Goddammit Porky, you're such an asshole. But I still wanna help your dumb ass.
by nesudesu September 26, 2016
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A porky is a british slang for a very big lie.
Possibly referring to the telling of a "Big fat lie".
"I think Edward was telling me porkies... I shall kill him forthwith."

"If you ever give me a porky again, I'll slit you open, and bog in your ear."
by Riketz January 2, 2006
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1. A famous pig from Looney Toons. His signature gimmick is his st-st-stuttering speach impediment. Best known for greating the, "Ebade-ebade-ebade-ebade-that's all folks!"
2. The correct translation for Pokey, a main villain from the Mother/Earthbound series. Often described as "pig-like".

3. Another way of saying fat.
1. A Porky Pig cartoon came on the other day and it was SO FUNNY!

2. Porky is the king of New Pork City. No, I'm serious!

3. Dude, lay off the chips! You're going to get porky!
by PokeyMan October 30, 2009
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Porky or Porki is a slang used for Pakistanis as Pork is forbidden there, so it is used to mock them on Social Media.
Hey Porky, how’s your FATF Grey List going?
by PorkiHunter71 July 7, 2021
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A Porky is a British slang term referring to a white man with pink skin resembling that of a pig. Often these white Porkies will act superior towards black and brown people and hurl racial slurs about their skin colour, but instead find themselves being ridiculed for their porky skin tone. They are the epitome of White Trash.
Black Man: "Man, don't you just hate the porkies? They're the worst kind of white people! They give a bad name to pigs!"

Asian Man: "Tell me about it! My mum's married to a porky!"
by Letter King June 16, 2020
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