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1. Old-time word for "slow".

2. Slang for jail.

3. Gumby's orange pony. Pokey is made out of clay and speaks in a low voice that makes him sound more like a donkey than a pony. Pokey is often jealous of Gumby's talents.

4. A cactus-themed enemy from the Super Mario video game series. Its first appearance was the non-canon Super Mario 2 (Super Mario USA in Japan), but made later appearances in other Mario games including Super Mario World and Paper Mario.

5. A main villain in Earthbound. Pokey is a fat, ego-centric boy who causes trouble for Ness and the others throughout the game. He also appears in Mother 3.
1. Stop being so pokey and catch up!

2. He got thrown in the pokey last night.

3. With his cowboy hat on, Gumby rode Pokey through the desert.

4. Don't jump on a Pokey! They're spiny!

5. Pokey REALLY means business now!
by PokeyMan October 30, 2009
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Somewhat outdated internet slang for penis.

Origin: A 90s cartoon called "Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog" was well known and often mocked for being a kid-friendly, slapstick comedy series about the famous video game character Sonic the Hedgehog. However, despite constant accusations that the show was aimed at five year olds, the show's writers did occasionally sneak in sexual humor, including jokes about breasts and lubricant.

This particular word stems from one of the most famous of these gags, where bumbling robots Scratch and Grounder being discovered by Dr. Ivo Robotnik while eavesdropping on a private conversation. Robotnik then says, "Snooping as usual, I see?" in a way that sounds remarkably like "Snoo penis usual, I see?" Because the syllables "Ping as" are used to make "Penis," YouTube Poop creators begain to use them as a single word both to add dick jokes to their videos and to get by YouTube censors.

With the recent popularity of the similar Painis, use of "Pingas" has began to drop.
"Why are ancient statues of guys always showing off their pingas?"

"Your drawing is OK, but pingas is not big enough."
by PokeyMan November 27, 2011
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1. A famous pig from Looney Toons. His signature gimmick is his st-st-stuttering speach impediment. Best known for greating the, "Ebade-ebade-ebade-ebade-that's all folks!"
2. The correct translation for Pokey, a main villain from the Mother/Earthbound series. Often described as "pig-like".

3. Another way of saying fat.
1. A Porky Pig cartoon came on the other day and it was SO FUNNY!

2. Porky is the king of New Pork City. No, I'm serious!

3. Dude, lay off the chips! You're going to get porky!
by PokeyMan October 30, 2009
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Now used as an insult to black people, the tar baby was originally a jet black baby doll (becaue it was made out of tar) used to trap Br'er Rabbit Rabbit in an American folk tale.

Tar baby can also be a term used to describe a "sticky" situation.
It's not racist to call an actual tar baby a tar baby! That's like saying it's racist to call Ritz "crackers" or chocolate sandwich cookies "Oreos"!
by PokeyMan December 06, 2010
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