A slang for a person from Pakistan, its generlly used in context to degrade Pakistanis comparing them to Pig (Pork) since it is common practise in Pakistan to marry cousins
The Porkis lost the cricket match against Sri Lanka
by Johny_1703 March 30, 2011
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Porki is a slang for one belonging from Pakistan, ideally the word is derived from how the word Paki which is a term used to define Pakistanis got derived. The way Paki got derived from Pakistan is how Porki got derived from Porkistan. Pork is forbidden in their religion as well, so it’s a multi meaining slang.
Porkis run Indian Restaurants masquerading as Indians in Europe.
by PorkiHunter71 July 7, 2021
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A big lie. From the english rhyming slang 'porky pies', which rhymes with lies.
Axel: Did you hear that I was elected pope?
Jeeves: Thats a porky. Stop telling porkies.
by anonymous hippopotomous July 14, 2006
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the word generally used in address of pakistani or muslims as a derogatory remark ,

generally mulims or all pakistani hates pork , as it is haram in islam , so to make sarcastic and abusive , the word porki is used
hey porki , whats up ??????????????
by ulisespapps November 24, 2010
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In leftist circles it refers to the bourgeoisie in reference to a Soviet Union agitprop poster
Black and white workers fighting each other makes porky very happy
by stalin killed 20 million nazis January 25, 2019
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A derogatory nickname applied to an overweight person
''oi! porky get ya ass over ere!''
by sweet jesus June 12, 2006
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A asshole who goes to Giygas, and then goes to betray your happiness but you love him so much anyways
Goddammit Porky, you're such an asshole. But I still wanna help your dumb ass.
by nesudesu September 26, 2016
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