Popu is a good horsey, he likes carrots and sugar lumps.
'Would Popu like a sugar lump?'

by popugoodhorsey December 21, 2011
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a word used to describe a goofy yet a lovable person.
i know he's stupid, but his kindness makes me wanna like him, he's a popu!
by rozita July 22, 2011
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"National Popus Day" Is a day on October 25th to celebrate the awakening of your popus with candles and different personalized decorations to put on your popus
1:"My guy, I am going to dye my popus' hair for 'National Popus Day'."
2: "That's great Man We were just gonna put up popus decorations outside the house"
by Blacc Guy October 17, 2021
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Being able to act gay but not be considered gay by others due to your popularity
Mike: Did you see Joe touch that kid's ass? I don't see why people dont think he's gay.

Dave: He's popu-gay. Everyone knows that.
by 743982 October 7, 2009
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