This day is National Hug your bff/bf/gf/crush
Everyone loves to hug the people the love!
Friend 1: *Hugs their crush*
Crush: "why'd you hug me?"
Friend 2: "It's October 25th! National hug you're crush day!"
by T3ACH3R 11 October 14, 2019
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A day of greatness; accomplishment; legend be told the birth of swag; the day the rumors were put to rest; the day after october 24th; legends day if it were a national holiday, but its not one..yet.
its the one day of the year that ever has extra swag in their step. people born on October 25th are completely blessed with greatness all year round.
by october25 December 26, 2011
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National Suck Your Homies Dick Day! On this day , you are allowed to give a homie of your choice a blowjob in public! Have fun blowing off your best friends!
Dude, on October 25th, I’m slurping your cock
by CalebEatsAss October 24, 2019
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Go fuck yourself day. This day is me at for clowns to go fuck themselves
October 25th is known as go fuck yourself day
by ChickenNuggo October 16, 2019
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October 25th is mostly known as “the best day ever”. People always expierence the best things on that day.
Bro 1: what day is it?
Bro 2: october 25th, why bro?
Bro 1: it’s the best day ever bro
Bro 2: why bro?
Bro 1: because i’m spending it with you bro
Bro 2: bro
by yeahit’smeAlexnicetomeetyou October 16, 2019
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