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It's the act of receiving a blow job while a female sucks on your penis while she has a mouth full of Pop Rocks.
Guy: Man I got the best Pop Job last night from my girlfriend.
Friend: *pound it*
by ObiWanJewnobi March 14, 2010
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To give or receive a handjob inside a tub of popcorn. Term first made famous by the popular internet podcast, "I'm Wearing a Onesie."
Dude, that guy just gave me a Pop Job at Wall-E.
by TheKurtLash July 27, 2008
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When a person has a bowl or bucket of popcorn in his/her lap, and an accomplice (the giver of said popjob) extends his/her neck into the popcorn vessel in order to satisfy both parties' needs
"Dude, Becky give me the totally best popjob yesterday at the movie theatre!"
"No way man! I heard she gave Tim a DoritoJob yesterday
by happypandabear June 21, 2010
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A specialized blow job in which the girl (or guy, if you roll that way...) first sucks on a ring pop or other powerfully colorful sucker candy, and then proceeds to suck off their significant other, turning his penis the color of the ring pop. Especially popular during ring-pop fundraiser season in high school.
Dude 1: Man all these key club kids selling ring pops is getting annoying.

Dude 2: Nah man, its great. My girlfriend bought a bunch and gave me a pop job after a blue raspberry.

Dude 1: Thats the best flavor!

Dude 2: Yah, and my dick still looks like papa smurf's.
by buffxcrunner December 16, 2009
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The act of giving someone a blow job, while they light up, and smoke a popper. Pop job is also referred to as "Popper job". This is typical stoner's perfect idea of their two favourite feelings. A prodigious head rush mixed with an intense orgasm.
guy one: yo my girlfriend gave me a pop job last night.
guy two: i gotta' get one of those.
by viennawaits May 06, 2010
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the most intense blowjob ever, where the giver of the said blowjob fills his/her mouth with poprocks, creating an orgasmic explosion of pleasure on the penis
"Dude, Anna just gave me the best popjob ever."

"Hell yeah man, I always bring poprocks to a date."
by Nonconscious June 29, 2012
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Popjobs are usually singers made famous by talent show, they can or can't sing, although usually they can, but also usually they don't come up with original material and do whatever they are told to keep the money coming.
boybands are f-ing popjobs
by Trinivalts March 06, 2010
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