telling another person to go away in an offensive way with out cussin'
go on pop off you cunt.
by denzel washington October 06, 2004
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In the world of science it was confirmed that woman can in fact do pop offs
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by Memebuster69 December 27, 2016
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the act of achieving "great success," AKA getting in a solid fuck following and/or during a party

**Note that the verb pop off can also be used to signify non-fucking activities including making out, fingering, ass eating, BJs, strawberry shortcaking, and dirty sanchez'ing

**Also note that, under extenuating circumstances, this verb can be utilized to denote the lit atmosphere of parties
Adam: Yo, you trying to pop off tonight?

Rohan: Absolutely my neighbor!
by Adam696969 September 30, 2017
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A promiscuous female. One who is falatious and rather always "hot" in the pants.
Hoe/ Whore
Yo! We all scraped out on this pop off.
by Jae O May 17, 2005
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A fallacious woman; slut; whore; hoe
"yo i swear that gurl is a popoff"
"hell yea, she's prolly done half the guys in the school"
by B-man13 April 14, 2008
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