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When you get a lump of your poo on your finger, an rub it under someone's nose.
"Hay Sam, I just pootashed that kid so now all he can smell is shite all day."
by Dickhead July 19, 2003
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smelly top lip the smell that sticks with you for life!
When you wipe your finger up your ass crack and then slid across your best pal/partner's top lip for the laugh!!!! This is a Poo Tash.....THEY WONT LAUGH BUT YOU'LL PISS YOUR SELF!!!
by Net & Scott The Power November 10, 2006
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Facial hair that is primarily constructed from someone elses faeces...
My gosh your pootash is looking yellow, is it made from John's shit (poo poo)?

Err yes!!! oh look a piece of sweetcorn!!!

by Terry the STI ferry February 25, 2006
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When someone wipes their fingers between the flaps on their anus, and happy slaps a ''Bag-Head Jim'' Also known to be wiped inside the anus of a Pigeon.
''See that homeless guy''
''Im gonna give him a phat sweaty pootash''
by Ripples69 January 12, 2013
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To perform a pootash you must, firstly find a victim, secondly rub your finger around your butt hole until it stinks of shit ( how much rubbing depends on your personal hygiene), thirdly rub said shitty finger across the top lip of said victim. If performed correctly the victim smells shit all day especially if pootashed without their knowledge.
I pootashed Jim while he was sleeping and he’s been trying to figure out why he can smell shit when nobody else can.
by Spoopleman May 10, 2018
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When someone has a tash (not a proper one) and doesn't shave it off. Normally on pubescent teen boys
"Did you see that guy today Lilly?"
"Yeah, he had a pootash ugh, no one likes pootashes"
by pootie1990 August 26, 2009
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When you're eating out a girl who hasn't shaved her 'self' and she looks down at you and it's just from your nose up and hair below, and it looks as though you have a big ol' moustache.
Boy: "Ewww she's hairy!"
Girl: "Haha, you have a pootash."
by Chris Poke December 21, 2005
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