Legendary 90s indie combo from St. Albans featuring: Dr. Riff, Cockroach, Snakeman and some other geezers who were instantly forgettable.

Best known for classics such as ‘Beetle Bashing’, ‘Crumpet Barmaid’ and a ridiculously shouty cover of The Clash’s ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go”.

Memorable for the historic gig at the Sandridge Bowl.
Dave: You coming to the Sandridge Bowl to see Pootang, Geoff?

Geoff: Gen up, Dave? Crumpet Barmaid is awesome, I wouldn’t miss seeing those legends, count me in!
by Phoney_Mahoney March 21, 2022
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Someone that is so unbelievably hot even they're poo has a tang of attractiveness to it. Being overwhelmed by Pootang can result in delirium, madness and hysteria. See example below

note: The person holding the Pootang, must be hotter than your average 'hottie'.
Tom: Man, look at that ass
Connor: Woooooooooooooah, she has the Pootang

*5 seconds later after being exposed to a dangerous amount of Pootang*
Connor: DAVE!!!
by MyNameBeTom January 9, 2011
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Friend-No I can't fight him, "I'm on probation"
Me-You Pootang!
by FiLaBoY May 28, 2006
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1.Something a gay man in denial might say.
2.A female genital.
Gay man-I'm not gay I love pootang"
Guy- "Dude why you grab my ass"
by Nunya March 26, 2005
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raw deal a pure ripp-off in disguise of something good
dont come round here trying to sell me that pootang you lowlife
by andy blackass February 27, 2006
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