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To post on a forum or message board while at the same time excreting fecal waste.
Hey guys, just so you know, I'm poosting this response just because you mean so much to me *Ass Wipe Break* where was I?
by AjaxtheGoat November 04, 2009
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(1)Poo Sting is where u poo makes your rectum sting.
(2)Poo Sting describes something as piss poor quality.
(3)Poo Sting also describes something as Pootang quality.
(1) Man! I've heard Susie's Got Poo Sting!
(2) I Saw a Skateboarder yesterday... he was poo sting!
(3) Rainbow Drops are Poo Sting!!!
by big bad berian lowe December 16, 2004
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