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poop·off (POOP’awf) n. An event in which two people (usually women) find themselves stuck in public bathroom stalls, each waiting for the other to leave so one can poop in private.
“I just had a marathon POOP-OFF with some old bluehair in the Target bathroom. After 20 minutes, her sphincter couldn’t take it anymore and she left. It was like a scene from ‘High Noon.’
by untitledlife September 29, 2005
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When you are sitting on the toilet in a public restroom and need to take a dump but you know its going to be loud so you are waiting for everyone to leave the restroom...unfortunately there is another person in the restroom doing the same you are both waiting for the other to leave.
I need to use the bathroom but I can't because I lost in the poop-off with the other girl in there
by ffisher22 April 28, 2011
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This is a chemical I can buy for my African Parrot to clean his cage. It is called Poop-Off and dissolves bird droppings.
Hey Chipper, guess what? I am going to clean your house with some Poop-Off!
by bludragen March 28, 2008
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