he’s great friend but also can be an asshole when you piss him off
trent is great
by Adrianna Wooten October 18, 2019
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Having an inherent fear of throwing a football to a receiver down-field.
The Bills really suck this year. Edwards is looking very Trentative in the pocket. No wonders the Patriots always beat them.
by Bill Belichick - Patriots HC August 26, 2009
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Trent is a person who may seem like an absolute idiot to you at first. He is one of the most handsome people ever. He is very athletic and strong and is very competitive but will let you win anything if you mean enough to him. Once he has his girl, he will never let her go. He can get very angry quick but calm himself down quick. He has an amazing sense of humor and will make a joke of anything.
Trent is perfect.
by HeartBreaker317 December 5, 2018
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Trent is a rad motherfucker no matter what. He's cool,funny, but can be an asshole sometimes but in reality he's a bad motherfucker
Yo dude Trent is a rad motherfucker.

Hell yea boy.
by Gogetadapimp March 13, 2017
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If you meet a Trent, do not let him go. He will treat you like gold, and want you to feel happy all the time. He is hot, sexy, cute, very well endowed in the lower areas, and caring. He has the most amazing eyes and the sexiest voice. He can get easily aggravated, but has the ability to calm himself down in a matter of minutes. He will be the best thing in your life guaranteed. I have never met a more amazing man, and I want to spend my life with him.
Trent, I love you with all my heart and I can't wait until we get everything situated.
by BabyGirl32413 March 25, 2013
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