Fart. Came from sound.
"You hear that duck crawl under the table?"

"Did you just Poont?"
by Justin Drust October 12, 2002
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Pwned; getting your ass kicked, usually used while gaming.

Slang for pwnt, as pwnt is slang for pwned, as pwned is slang for owned.
Dood, that crazy-ass mofo just poont yo' whitey ass!
by Aeshir November 27, 2007
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A word. No definate definition. Can mean anything
"I have to poont."
"Holy poont!"
"Bob kicked Tim in his poont"
"Susie was ran over by a car. Poont."
by ca July 05, 2003
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A word given to anything, meaning anything. Therefore it does not have a complete definition
A: Holy poont.
B: Your such a poont.
C: Suck my poont.
D: Charlies foot was ranover by a car today...poont...
by Anonymous July 05, 2003
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Trendy female shorts, specifically of the gaucho variety. Lower than the knee but higher than the ankle. Worn in the late summer to early fall, usually with boots. These shorts are usually loose at the bottom and tight around the hips. Manufacturers of shorts realized they could continue making them well into November by creating and successfully marketing Poonts as the Gaucho look.
Dude1: Man look at those awesome poonts!
Dude2: Awesome...
by kwesi booker October 25, 2006
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