A large frozen piece of poo used to bang a female or male orifice.
Cecil: "Hey Gretchen, grab the thinga mabobber out of the ice box and come ram me with it."

Gretchen: "Oh dear. I guess it's poonis time!"

Cecil: "Nothing but a bit of choco lipstick!"
by Teriaki? March 26, 2009
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Poonis n. - that of a muff, puss, etc. or any other words associated with the vaginal area.

Gee Golly Gosh Susan, your poonis needs a bath.
by poonislover December 09, 2002
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The cross between a fat dick and a shit and a chunky and a poon. YUM
Dude, her poonis was so damn chuncky I couldn't even.............
by MissJazzy101 March 29, 2009
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A diminutive, cute way of referring to female genitalia. Can be used in a sexual or non-sexual context
Why are you holding your crotch?

Because I just hit my poony on the corner of the table and it really hurts!
by Tonksalot September 05, 2018
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adj. Having to do with poon or poontang.
I just put that bitch through her poony paces.
by Holden McCrank April 08, 2003
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a pooni is a caste from punjab india.. it is a jatt .. farmers from the desiest parts of india... not much of em around but there all pre chalaak.
oye pooni sahib... balaa chalaak na ban... apne larh naal mu saaf kar la...
by madjatt January 13, 2012
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