To take ones pool chairs (the chairs right next to a pool), and put them in the pool during the night, as a prank.
1. Friend 1: Dude we should go pooling tonight!
Friend 2: hell ya!!!
2. Old man: damn kids pooled me again!!!!
by Charlie Tomaso April 20, 2009
An effect created when a smaller bra is worn to cause the breasts to overflow, producing a desirable appearance
Deeeeyaaaammmm! That girl is pooling out of her shirt.
by Genny Nubbins November 5, 2006
Pooling is the process of a girl getting wet and creating a puddle, or “pool” pooling is the process of a girl getting wet or being wet and her vagina is drowning.
When I got on top of Jessica she was already pooling.
by SoupCanHarry The hobo December 15, 2018
If I get a phone call tell them I'm in the pool and will give them a bell later.
by talk2me-JCH2 July 14, 2022
a eighth. or a 3.5 grams of marijuana
" hey can i have a pool". "dude what's that??" " it's a eighth of weed bro!!"
by mike oklong November 15, 2020
1) Collective amount of money to be distributed.

2) Man-made, water-filled area designed for swimming. Can be dug into the ground or portable.

3) Recreational game where the player attempts to hit a 'cue ball' with a stick in an attempt to knock other balls into pockets on the side of the table.
1) I didn't win the college basketball pool, but it had only cost $6 to enter.

2) Dean is a lifeguard at the local pool, despite the fact that he's a pretty bad swimmer.

3) Pool and billiards may be the same game; I'm not exactly sure.
by Diggity Monkeez May 2, 2005
what first graders always pee in.
See South Park
Teacher: The Snake's been destroyed. The Pool's Open!
(first graders jump in and water turns yellow)
by DaChazman September 5, 2004