Erratic, uncalled for behaviour. Usually with a violent temperament.
Wow why did you randomly kick that bin over? That's some Pooja behaviour right there.
by whatIsThisBehaiour!? April 13, 2019
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When you tie a woman to a wall when she's naked and you pull on her tits so hard that they rip off.
by MagicManOfMagicPersonalities September 21, 2013
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When you have anal sex with a woman of Indian descent and your penis burns from the spicy curry food she had eaten previously.
We shouldn’t have tried anal after we ate at that Indian restaurant. My penis burned so bad I got hot pooja.
by Bad Birl July 18, 2019
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She is the Beast actress pairing with Thalapathy Vijay in the movie named Beast
Pooja Hegde is the Butta Bomma of Indian Cinema
by @kingofmyworld_ August 26, 2021
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a single strand of long black curly hair that is found in random places, such as in food, on clothes, and other random places, assumed to have came from an indian female
Today in class i found a pooja hair in my book...
it was mad gross.
by themichael December 13, 2010
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She is a YouTuber who makes very cringe Rap videos and got famous through Negative Publicity in 2018. Her YouTube channel still exists. She is from India.
Dhinchak pooja makes very cringe videos.
by whiplash01 December 31, 2021
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The best, amazing, funny, clever,beautiful, quick witted, kind, caring, always got you back, there for you whenever you need
Person one:

'OMG, that girl was soo kool!!

Person two:

'Yeah she must be a Pooja Bedi!!'
by Little MB November 8, 2011
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