Pooja is one of the prettiest light brown skinned girl you'll ever find. She is fuckin gorgeous. Never miss the the chance to ask her out. Pooja gets self conscious sometimes about the way she looks, but she has the most perfect body (average size and height). She is also very rich, but doesn't show it off. She also has very pretty eyelashes and good sense of style. Pooja's like big deee's. Pooja will look even hotter when she is older. You will love hanging out with her since she is so fukin funny and an amazing person with sooo many friendss.
I love Pooja and need her every second of my life.
by poojask2 January 21, 2019
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Pooja is a giving a prayer. It is also a gorgeous girl-name.

The name Pooja comes from India and has a beautiful meaning. People are making a lot of fun of it but when they realise how beautiful Pooja is they will stop.

Look at that cute girl named Pooja over there. She has dark brown hair and the most beautiful eyes ever. I wished I could be with her all day.
I do Pooja everyday. Or look at that pretty girl named Pooja. She is gorgeous af!!!!
by TacoBellHeaven January 21, 2016
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If you meet a Pooja never let go of her, she is the best thing thats ever happened to you. She has the natural ability to make a joke out of anything and never fail to make you laugh.
Pooja is only for Meenu
by memeu October 23, 2017
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The lord and savior of life itself. (is also called pooga or poojini)
i love Pooja and i worship it every day
by Lil tayster May 15, 2018
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Pooja is a girl with quite a temper. It's good to be cautious while she is cleaning, specifically when she's brooming the floor. Pooja does not like dancing infront of cameras, but she does like kicking trash cans!
by Manjeet bhai July 21, 2019
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Pooja is a name that radiates strength and power. She can easily be set off even by something as minor as being told to pick up a trash can she had previously knocked over. If confronted about her actions , Pooja will most likely respond with ,”I’m sorry, I kicked it by mistake ”. If further questions are asked, her anger will escalate and she will threaten to hit you.
by Gekumetingz May 24, 2019
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An amazing girl who is slightly weird & at the same time smart, and puts corn flakes in Panipuri water.

She also overthinks & worries a lot and has a very sensitive side. Overall she can be an angel.
Girl, let it go and move on. You deserve better. Don't be such Pooja!
by BadDoctor August 20, 2019
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