An amazing girl who is slightly weird & at the same time smart, and puts corn flakes in Panipuri water.

She also overthinks & worries a lot and has a very sensitive side. Overall she can be an angel.
Girl, let it go and move on. You deserve better. Don't be such Pooja!
by BadDoctor August 20, 2019
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pooja is a bad bitch that don’t give a fuck. she breaks brooms when she gets mad and likes to cosplay different accents (scottish, american, indian)
“Pooja! What is this behavior?!”
by *cries externally* March 19, 2019
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A name that you could label someone who has just kicked a bin. They ma say it was by mistake but it definitely was not. She might give you a slap if you’re asking for it, if you’re dyYing forrEt.
by Yhyh April 30, 2019
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My mother who is very funny and have a deep heart . I call her mumma,maa,mummy etc. My grandmother calls her dolly . I LOVE POOJA☺😘💝
by HZjsjsksm April 14, 2019
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Rare species found in old dusty libraries or tropical rainforests. Has certain eccentricities.
by ** April 18, 2003
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Pooja= devotion , name given to someone who is Best in the world , if you find her just take care of her and make sure if you can just love her the way she seeks.
by Vikk920 November 10, 2018
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A grind move when 2 people grind 1 person in the center. It is usually done by a girl in the center with 2 boys on the outside or 1 boy in the center and 2 girls on the outside. It is very pleasurable.
"Hey Alexa, Want to go Pooja Jason."
by jason feinstein June 15, 2008
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